About Me

My name is Duarian Johnson and I am a trading mad man. I started this blog to post useful information on my trading tips and strategies. See anything on here you don’t agree, well I don’t really care but I’m always up to listen to other opinions. Fair warning though is they are stupid I will make fun of you. Probably call you an idiot and laugh about you to my friends too. 

Trading Advice

I work specifically as a day trader so if that isn’t your style then don’t follow my strategies. The software and brokers I use are the ones I have personally found to work for me. Please don’t interpret any references to them as an endorsement. Use whatever software or brokers that works best for you. The strategies I teach can pretty much be used on any platform so don’t worry about it.   


Need some extra advice or coaching well I can do that for a fee. It’s like $200 an hour because time is literally money for me and it takes me away from trading to do it so it has to be worth my time. I will provide insults for free though so if you need that hit me up through the contact menu.